Blog Post # 4: Academic Databases

What academic databases do you find most helpful in your research? Challenging? Why? Strengths and weaknesses? Which ones do you think you should explore further?

Currently, my favorite database to look for sources is JSTOR! I have the most experience with this one, and I’ve had good luck using it for papers. One of my main pet peeves is that UMW doesn’t always have access to certain documents or articles on JSTOR, and I end up checking around the web to see if I can get access to it some other way.

Worldcat is one that I have not previously heard of, but I’m excited about being able to expand my academic options. The library is also a huge help for me. As I’ve recently figured out my ILL account, the librarian is incredibly efficient at getting the materials one needs, incredibly quickly– once, I put in a request for a book, and the book was in my hands later that day. I’ve already learned so much through class workshops, and I’m looking forward to learning more research tips tricks!

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