Introductory Blog Post

Hello, all! I’m Shawnya Peterson, junior History & English major. I’m so excited to get into the weeds of my history degree. For the intro blog post, I decided to take the opportunity to tell about myself just a bit.

My first image was chosen to represent the fact that I love literature, and Shakespeare in particular, with Macbeth being my favorite play. It is closely tied with Romeo and Juliet, which is a good way to sum up the dueling sides of my personality/interests: light and emotional and romantic, versus somewhat “darker interests”, my favorite of which being true crime.

The second image I chose because Shenandoah National Park is my favorite place on earth, especially in the fall (which is also my favorite season). I’m a Virginia native, and I’m in love with so much of what our state has to offer—from beaches to mountains to cities, there’s so much amazing local history and beautiful scenery to explore.

The last image I chose not only because coffee is my favorite beverage, but also because of what it represents in a sense: I love to use coffee/mealtimes as a way to spend quality time with friends and family, while also enjoying a nice hot beverage. We could also talk about my coffee consumption when it comes to finals week and deadlines, but maybe that’s something for another blog post!

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